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Are your blinds child-safe blinds?

Make it Safe - Safety with Blinds

As an established and professional installer of blinds for the home and workplace, Maynelines are committed to window blind safety and can help you make your existing blinds safer as well as offering advice and guidance on the child-safety features that are now a legal requirement for window blinds.

The new standards, published on 28th February 2014 apply to ALL HOMES, all public buildings and other premises whether children and young babies are present or not.  This new child-safety legislation aims to reduce the risk posed by looped blind cords and prevent further accidental deaths in young children.

Check your blinds to ensure they are child safe

As of 28th February 2014, all new blinds must be ‘safe by design’ or supplied with the appropriate child safety device installed.  

Safe by Design 

Safe by Design blinds include motorised blinds and wooden shutters as they completely remove the need for cord operation.  INTU Blinds and Perfect Blinds are also designed without a cord operation, so making them ideal and completely child-safe. 

In-Built Safety Systems

Safe by Design blinds may not suit your window style or preferences, so you may choose a blind that needs a safety device fitted to ensure it complies with the new legislation.  Any internal blinds which have an operating cord or chain that could form a loop will now include a safety device that will break under pressure.  There are a variety of safety devices available for every type of blind to ensure your home and workplace complies with the latest legislation.  

Separate Safety Systems

If your blind was purchased prior to February 2014, it may not comply with the current legislation so it is advisable to purchase additional safety devices to ensure your blind is child safe. 

Cord/Chain Clip and tensioners – devices should be securely fixed to the wall or window recess to hold the cord or chain permanently taut.

Cord Cleat – can be used with a vertical, venetian, roller, pleated and roman blind.  Securely fixed out of a child’s reach onto the adjacent wall and cord is wrapped tightly around it each time after use.

If you would like further information on how to make your blinds child-safe, or you would like some advice on buying new blinds, please contact Rick at Maynelines on 01252 624455


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