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Whether you are looking for just one blind for a particular window, or a selection of blinds for different rooms in the home, the choice of size, style, colours and textures can be a little overwhelming.

We offer all our customers our expertise on choosing a style of blind that suits the window and fits the functionality specification, as well as offering options on different textures that will work to enhance the room, and various colour choices that will either compliment or contrast with the existing furnishings.

We have detailed below some considerations that you may like to think about when choosing a blind for your home.

Size of Window

The size of your window will dictate to some extent what type of blind is the most suitable, i.e. a very large window may be better with a Vertical or Panel blind whilst a smaller window will look great with a Roller or Venetian blind.


If you have full sunlight all day the best choices of blinds would be those you can tilt, i.e. Venetian or Vertical.

Type of Room

Many of the blinds in our ranges are water-resistant and mould-resistant, making them ideal for kitchens, utility rooms, bathrooms or wet rooms. Roman blinds are perfect for dining rooms and Perfect Fit blinds are ideal for conservatories. Blackout blinds are an ideal choice for bedrooms as they help to reduce the amount of light coming into the room, providing you with the ideal environment for a good night’s sleep.

Contrast or Compliment existing furnishings?

If you’re the kind of person that likes to change your home interior to keep up with the latest trends, blinds are the perfect place to start. Keep your walls and furniture neutral and you can instantly change the ambience of the room with new blinds and co-ordinating accessories whenever your mood takes you.

Create a theme in the room by picking out colours from patterned blinds and repeating these in the cushions, pictures, borders and any other furnishing in the room. Don't get carried away though as too much colour could be overbearing!

Roller blinds can be plain and simple, or you can add style by selecting from the range of bottom finishes and different textures and patterns. Clean lines will create a modern look.


Safety cords are the best option if you have young children as traditional cords could be a hazard.

If you have pets, blinds with longer cords can be very attractive to animals especially cats so a blind with cords off the floor or using a child safety system can help to reduce temptation.

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